Optimising Your Landing Pages

Ok Last post I spoke about Sensible Google  Advertising and what I had learnt from a session we had with Google themselves.  What I am going to go over today is how to optimise your landing pages.

Optimize your landing pages

Optimise your landing pages to get the most from your advertising. The golden rule is tracking tracking and more tracking. Use the tools that are available to see what works. A bounce rate of less than 25% is solid. Anything over 50% and you have a problem.

These are the areas you should focus on

  1. Confirmation – When someone lands on your page do they know immediately that they have reached where they want to be. You can’t help the inevitable bounces that are always going to occur but you can keep the people who want to be on your page page making it clear to them that they are on your site. Branding, colours, logos are all key here.
  2. Speed – How fast does your landing page load? G to developers.google/speedtest to see how fast your page loads. Anything over 2 seconds is not acceptable. You will lose business.
  3. First impression – You only have about 10 seconds for some one to decide if they want to stay or not so make the first impression count. Make sure you bring them to the right landing page.
  4. Design – Use your space wisely. Do not have the page cluttered. White space also draws peoples attention. We also know that people look at certain areas, such as the top left of your page, the most. So use your page real estate well and make what you want people to notice the most, the most prominent.
  5. Visuals – But place them in the right places. No point having your most important area taken up with a picture. Also be wary of SEO. Any images should use alt text titles.
  6. Text – Tailor your text to your audience. Say the right things in the right way. Make use of headlines.
  7. Call to action – tell people very clearly what you want them to do.
  8. Value proposition – Tell people why you are better. Whats your USP
  9. Persuasion -Which is made up of the following
  • Reciprocation – give them something in return – discount for signing up
  • Commitment – Reduce the risk for them. For example money back if not satisfied
  • Social proof – Show that other people have been happy
  • Scarcity – Put urgency into it
  • Authority – Be Credible, trustworthy, secure