Mobile Advertising – Has anyone got it right yet?

The future of internet use lays with Mobile.  Mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. In 2011 over three quarters of a million people in Ireland had smart phones and that figure was rising sharply. With the the changing medium of internet use there is a scramble amongst the big players to try capitalize on the mobile advertising market. Facebook highlighted in their pre-IPO report that their inability to generate revenue from mobile users of the site was a major weakness. It seems that investors agree as their share price has tumbled since May.

mobile advertising, smart phone

Its not surprising that smart phone ownership is greatest amongst younger generations with the 25- 34 age bracket having the greatest share in Ireland.

Social media plays a huge role in mobile internet usage. But increasing numbers are using their smart phones to source information about products or services while on the move. Mobile search is different to desktop, with the majority of queries fulfilled within 3 hours.

Google dominates the mobile search advertising market with 95 percent market share displaying advertising within search results. With the smaller screen size the prominent position of these ads makes them appealing to advertisers. What I have found though is that there is a puzzling amount of companies using mobile advertising that direct traffic through to a non mobile optimised site?

Take for example my search here for pizza in Dublin. I am presented with two options. One is for Dominos pizza where upon clicking the Ad I am invited to download their App. The app is actually excellent and makes the ording process easy. Mizzonis on the other hand simply bring me directly to their standard website where ordering is close to impossible.

Mobile advertising, mobile search advertising

Giving the searcher to ability to click to call is another option which seems logical for local businesses. People are searching from their phone. Make calling as easy as possible. It is also an easy way to track sales.

mobile advertising, mobile search, advertising on mobile

So if mobile search is more likely to be localized what ways can advertisers take advantage of this? According to a study carried out last year by return2sender people are most open to receiving advertising based on location through SMS. Perhaps this is because right now there isn’t too many alternatives. People have concerns for privacy when it comes to opting into location based marketing systems that use push notifications based on location, but this is changing. The emergence of Chirp which uses digital sound bites to send information directly to phones could be of huge benefit to local retailers.

Mobile advertising, location based advertising

There seems to be an increase of mobile advertising directly on apps recently. The which is a progressive publication when it comes to technology have began to features adverts for other apps such as this one

ads on mobile, advertising on apps

But these seemed to be targeted based on the demographic of the apps users as opposed to being related in any way to location or what is being read. No doubt the future will offer the chance for a far greater degree of targeting based on location, content and behaviour. the question is who will be able to provide this package first?


3 thoughts on “Mobile Advertising – Has anyone got it right yet?

  1. Hi Barry,

    Interesting thoughts here. Mobile banner advertising is an absolutely massive opportunity with a huge amount of cheap inventory available. The problem is the deployment of it on mobile websites is usually very clumsy and actually results in a really poor user experience unfortunately. The other thing is that brands just aren’t engaging in it just yet, there is masses of inventory available because no one is buying it they are all focusing on the premium apps and site and missing the wood for the trees!

    A couple of things worth considering – advertisers in mobile need to think beyond Google for their solutions, there are easily a dozen other PPC channels and aggregators offering all sorts of deals CPC, CPM, CPA etc all worth a look and all with easy self service interfaces.

    Secondly, these partners provide an array of targetting options, the uninitiated to this would be utterly astounded at the variety of targeting options based on criteria like location, device type, operating system, time of day, type of ad, type of site (indeed there are actually a couple of adult only networks too)

    Lastly advertisers need to think about their call to action, if you don’t have a mobile optimised site your bounce rate will be enormous, likewise you have to remember that the person has a Phone in their hand……click here to call now is pretty convenient!

    • Hi Simon,

      Read an interesting article today about coupling location based marketing with big data. Seems there is big potential out there.
      Any good mobile advertising providers to look at beside Google?

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