What is Chirp app and what could it mean for marketing?

British scientists have created a new social tool that could revolutionise the way messages are sent between smartphones. the tool has been invented by .Animal systems a spin off of University College London (UCL).

A new social tool has been invented that could revoluntionise the way messages are sent between smart phones. As we all know there are new tools created for the social environment on a weekly basis, but what made me take notice of this one is that they actually ran a story on our national news, which I wouldn’t exactly classify as tech savy! They actually chirped out a picture of one of our lovely news readers to anyone using the app.

What is Chirp App

It works by sending a digitized chirp, which has been likened to the sound a robotic bird would make, which then prompts other mobiles in reach to download a piece of content.

At the minute the content is limited to pictures, links to websites or 140-character messages but the company are confident that this will expand in the coming months. I think they key to this app though is that it can send data to multiple devices in one go with out the need for a wireless connection. This opens up the opportunity to chirps being broadcast on mass using mediums like radio and TV. This seems like another stepping stone to the integration of more traditional marketing channels with emerging digital technologies.

It could also be used for localized marketing with places like shopping centers sending out chirps entitling discounts and other incentives. The company claim that Chirp’s distinctive sound allows it to work at low volumes in relatively noisy locations such as pubs, clubs or busy streets.

Chrip, smartphone discounts, location based marketing

If the application takes off and there will surely need to be some kind of filter on what kind of chirps you want to receive. I read that chirps will be displayed on your smart phone on a time line similar to Facebook. But a swash of irrelevant offers and information bombarding your phone will only lead to the dilution of the applications potential and acceptance into the main stream.

chirp app, chirp offers, location based marketing

However if I can decide that I want to receive offers on based on criteria such as locality and types of products I think it would be something I would be very interested in trying. there is also the potential data that can analysed of people who opt to listen/look at and redeem chirps.

Certainly here in Ireland there has been a slow uptake of the potential of location based marketing tools like Foursquare and I have seen very little inspiring use of things like QR codes so I think I could be waiting a while!


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