An Ad I Saw In Rolling Stone Magazine

As a subscriber to Rolling Stone Magazine I tend to like what they do. I came across an Ad earlier today as a flicked through it that grabbed my attention. It was on a heavy card like page and it simply said “drop this ad in water to change your world”. It was for Mio, which seemed to be a flavour you add to water to make it taste better.
I was immediately intrigued! Did they really want me to drop it in water? Was I missing something? Was I going to do it and realise straight away that I was a dumb ass as I tried to dig out a soggy page from my sink?
I had no immediate access to water which only added to the mystery!
Here’s what happened
Alternative Marketing, Rolling stone, water changing Ad, Mio
I’m not sure what I expected but I’m glad it did something!either way there hasnt been an ad in some time that has been on my mind for a few hours straight!
What do you think? Any thoughts?

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