Facebook Insights Explained !!!

I have just gone through a fantastic interactive tutorial for the new Facebook insights which has just been launched. By getting you to answer questions on the content you watch as you go through It gives you a great understanding of how the the application works! I would highly recommend anybody to give it a go.

One thing of note was what Facebook said about the type of posts that gets the greatest interaction

  1. Post between 100 and 200 characters (less than 3 lines) receive about 60% more likes, comments and shares than posts greater than 250 characters.
  2. Rich media content such as videos and photos have about 120% more interaction
  3. Post regularly. Your fans are more likely to engage with you if you stay on top of mind
  4. Ask for your fans opinions. Use your page as a place to have conversation. Use the info you get to get feedback on your marker
  5. ask questions using the Facebook question app. This makes it easy to get lots of information quickly.
  6. Try posting fill in the blank posts. Fill in the blank posts enjoy about 90% more engagement than other posts
  7. Give your fans access to exclusive information by liking a post. Make them feel special. Give them first look at products, or discount prices
  8. Reward your fans with deals and perks. Make these offers only available to fans
  9. Be timely. Your audience are more likely to engage with your post if it is about topics that are already in the front of their mind
  10. Localize your posts if the content is only relevant to certain fans. Use the Geo targeting feature to target specific areas

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