Our Google Chromebook Preview

We are getting the use of brand spanking new Google Chromebooks later on today. As far as I know we get to keep them for the year and we will give feedback as to how we found them and how amazing they are! I thought I would stick down a few thoughts regarding my expectations before I actually get mine, as it could be useful to look back on in the review stage! They are mainly presumptions and queries!

It seems like this is a whole new way of doing things that takes advantage of the buzz concept of the moment. The Cloud.

what is the Cloud all about? icloud. Chromebook

A lot of people think that Apple invented the (i)Cloud. But in reality a cloud is really just somewhere remote that you can store data. Gmail for example has been storing all our emails in a “cloud” for years.

But having an entire laptop run off a cloud is exciting. Its bound to be a lot faster. With nothing actually stored on your laptop and no memory taken up, there will be no need for  it to boot up?

All your information is a lot safer because even if you lose (or throw into a river) your laptop, your data will remain in the cloud. It also means that you could switch devices really easily. Say you were working on your Chromebook at work. You could then easily make changes to the same work via your phone.

It removes the need for an operating system like microsoft which is really interesting. I wonder what their response will be. I presume this is the direction that all computers are going now? That means there will be no updating of software, as everything will be ungraded automatically in the cloud. Presumably that means that there will have to be some kind of on going support charge?

I presume that it will come automatically connected to all of Googles products?

But does that mean that your laptop is going to be constantly connected to the internet? What if you have no internet? What does this mean for marketing? Are people going to be more reachable now?

Hmmmmmm I am excited!



One thought on “Our Google Chromebook Preview

  1. I currently have the Dell version of the Chrome OS on my Dell Mini 9 running of a USB stick and its really quick even though its off a USB stick. I would buy one although it comes down to price for what you are getting. The problem I have is you can get a full netbook for less and put Google Chrome on it and feel the same as Chrome OS just without the fast boot.

    Like I said the version I am running is made by Dell and not updated regularly so it isn’t really a fair review but on the version I have it would be useless without an Internet Connection. That being said the actual Chromebooks could have some offline functionality. Along with the fact a Chromebook will come with a sim card for a mobile network so you can be connect even if your away from a proper internet connection.

    I like what they have done and I am so tempted, although they are saying that Google Chromebook is great for if you have an accident with your Chromebook but what happens if Google disappears?

    Don’t get me wrong I’ll probably end up getting one after Christmas but there are things you need to consider really, before taking the plunge.

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