Foursquare – Miles Better

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Gowalla is useless. I am sure that is probably has great functionality in America or other locations but as I sit here now looking at it, the closet available “spot” to me is a park nearly two kilometers away. Anyone following me probably thinks that I enjoy walks and fresh air because I have checked in there 4 times just to try interact with the app in some way.

With Foursquare once you open the App there is a huge amount of registered locations and businesses available to check in at. This is encouraging because when you find exactly where you are it gives you a little boost. Having said that I have no doubt the novelty will wear off soon.

With Gowalla once you choose from the tiny list of available options, usually no where near you actually are, all you do is register that youre there….

It seems quiet keen on you registering anyone else you are with and there is an option to leave a highlight or a suggestion. But short of that there doesnt seem to be a whole lot going on. You are are not encouraged by being granted points or mayorships let alone a discounts or special offers. It almost seems more like a poor tourist app.

I will reluctantly continue on using it for the time being. But unless I find it more engaging I’m giving it the boot! If any one has any other location based apps I would be delighted to try them out.

Foursquare is a different story. They way it is laid out is easy to use. As I already mentioned, their location numbers are great. But I have yet to see much business participation. There is an explore option which tells me about some local deals which I am going to try investigate when I get a chance. And you can be sure once I become the mayor of some place I am going to talk to the manager and see if if they have any intention of rewarding me!

To date I have 36 check ins and 7 badges!

newbie foursquare badge location based marketingadventurer foursquare badge location based marketingBender foursquare badgelocal foursquare badgesuperuser foursquare badgeovershare foursquare badgeexplorer foursquare badge


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